* Summer Tour Note From Steve Perry
* Summer Tour Announced and On Sale
* Full List of Tour Dates

Summer Tour Note From Steve Perry

Hi Everybody,

We are so excited to announce the 1st shows that we will be doing behind our new record White Teeth, Black Thoughts! This is our first all swing recording in a while, and so there will be plenty to dance to. We also will, of course, be playing many of the old favorites as well. We’re gonna drop that rockin’ energy, like always, I know that all and sundry will be pleased. Tell your friends! Tell the haters! Help us make these shows a success.

As some of you may be aware, we have played a few shows recently that we have been calling our "Cherry Poppin’ Daddies salute the music of the Rat Pack" set. The tour dates that we are listing are headlining dates and we will be playing Daddies originals, primarily with an eye to showcasing the new record. If somebody wants to hear a Frank song, we may bust one or two but this tour is about… new Daddies!

We have a few new members to the band and we will be rehearsing throughout the month of June to get this material top notch and ready to perform.

We will be bringing merchandise to these shows… something I haven’t always done due to the pain in my butt factor. So I am looking for a little help here and there to help sell the merch.  We can pay you a little bit too! If you are interested, drop me a line at or over at the Facebook page and tell me what show you are thinking of attending and we will set you up with details.

We are planning to drop a few more videos before the record officially comes out on July 16th, just to whet your appetites for the new show. We debuted our “I Love American Music” video on our youtube channel a couple of weeks ago

Go check it out. Tell us what you think. The cool thing about the vidz we did for all these songs is that they are all radically different. Often we tried to flesh out the themes of the songs a little bit. Yes Daddies songs often have themes- quelle horreur! We were subtle though for the most part.

Anyhow, get tickets right away! These are going to be great shows. You know me, I’m always walking around or at the merch table or somewhere on the floor after the show, so come say Hi. See ya soon.



* Summer Tour Announced and On Sale

We are very excited to announce The Cherry Poppin' Daddies'  White Teeth, Black Thoughts Summer Tour! They're making stops on the west coast and the northeast!  Many of the shows are now availble for sale via The Cherry Poppin' Daddies' Fan Ticketing Site (CPDFTS).  Everyone who purchases tickets via CPDFTS will get a nine song Thank You EP and will also be able to bundle in a copy of White Teeth, Black Thoughts or a copy of White Teeth, Black Thoughts Deluxe for a further discount (CDs bundled with tickets can be picked up on the night of the show at the merch table - pls bring your receipt).  We also may offer some other perks to CPDFTS purchasers in the coming months so get your tickets now!

Tues, July 23 - Yoshi's - tix
1330 Fillmore St. / San Francisco, CA 94115

Wed, July 24 - The Catalyst - 16+ - tix
1011 Pacific Ave. / Santa Cruz,  CA 95060

Thu, July 25 - The Roxy Theatre - tix
9009 West Sunset Blvd. / Los Angeles, CA 90069

Fri, July 26 - The Assembly - 21+ - tix
1000 K St. / Sacramento, CA 95811

Sat, July 27 - Alhambra Theatre - 21+ - tix
4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd. / Portland, OR 97215

Thu, Aug 15 - City Winery - All Ages - tix
155 Varick St. / New York, NY 10013

Fri, Aug 16 - Sellersville Theatre - w/ Jeff Thomas' All Volunteer Army - All Ages - tix
24  West Temple Ave. / Sellersville, PA 18960

Sat, Aug 17 - The Hamilton - 18+ - tix
600 14th St. / Northwest, Washington, DC 20005

Sun, Aug 18 - The Middle East Downstairs - 18+ - tix
480 Massachusettes Ave. / Cambridge, MA 02139

Fri, Sept 27 - W.O.W. Hall - All Ages - tix
291 W. 8th Ave. / Eugene, OR 97401

Sat, Sept 28 - Tractor Tavern - 21+ - tix
5213 Ballard Ave. NW / Seattle, WA 98107

Full List of Tour Dates

Sat, June 29 - Reserve Casino & Hotel - Central City, CO - Tix Show 1, Tix Show 2
Fri, July 19 - Rock Napa at Charles Krug Winery - St. Helena, CA - Tickets
Sat, July 20 - Basin Summer Sounds Fest - Ephrata, WA - Free - More Info
Tues, Jul 23 - Yoshi's - San Francisco, CA – Tickets
Wed, Jul 24 - The Catalyst – Santa Cruz  CA – Tickets
Thu, Jul 25 - The Roxy Theatre – Los Angeles, CA  - Tickets
Fri, Jul 26 - The Assembly – Sacramento, CA - Tickets
Sat, Jul 27 – Alhambra Theatre – Portland, OR - Tickets
Thu, Aug 15 - City Winery – New York, NY - Tickets
Fri, Aug 16 - Sellersville Theatre – Sellersville, PA - Tickets
Sat, Aug 17 - The Hamilton – Washington, DC - Tickets
Sun, Aug 18 – Middle East Downstairs – Cambridge, MA - Tickets
Sat, Aug 24 - Palatine St Fest - Downtown Palatine, IL - Free - More Info                                                           
Fri, Sept 27 - W.O.W. Hall - Eugene, OR - Tickets
Sat, Sept 28 - Tractor Tavern- Seattle, WA - Tickets

Hi Everybody,


So I spent most of the day fixing a problem we were having with the website not recognizing certain countries, and I think I fixed it. The problem basically was that I didn’t have enough shipping weight ranges programmed in for the postal services, so orders from certain countries where that was the case were being rejected.


So if you have been trying to work with our website Internationally and getting error messages, I may have finally found the reason.


Its just me on this website, I do have an IT guy who designed the site, but I try not to call him too much. The good side is that this is a band business. The money that you spend here goes straight to the people making the music, not Apple or some middle man who will never pay us. When the order gets shipped, I go down to the post office and stick it in the mail. When people write to me with problems I jump on it as soon as I can. The only downside is that it sometimes takes me a while to figure out the problem, because I am the singer of the band and not a programmer and “business person.”



I know that our being able to continue to record music depends on us being able to keep you guys happy both musically and in getting our merchandise to you promptly.  I want you to know that I am trying to get better at this side of things J.


So today I think I have these countries all figured out regarding 1st class shipping:
















The Netherlands

New Zealand







The UK

The US.


If you live in another country that I haven’t gotten to yet, drop me a line and I will add your country soon. I mean to get them all done when I can, but I’m back in the studio tomorrow ;-) Try to place a pre-order for the new recording! You can always use Paypal. If there are problems drop me a line and I will go try and get it fixed, and you will be doing us a favor in several ways. Pre orders should be shipped around the end of June early July in anticipation of our July 16th official release date.


Thanks again,



* I Love American Music video premiere
* Full List of Tour Dates

I Love American Music video premiere

Hi Everybody,

So here it is... the premiere of our new record for the rest of the world to hear and see. Starting with the first "single" and video for "I Love American Music" on the AV Club at the Onion website.

Go over there and give us some props if you like the video/ song. We are going to try and spread it around and get more people to hear and see what we are doing. 

I wrote I Love American Music about all those guys and gals that I knew/ know who are heavily into the roots scene. When I 1st came to Eugene, I had my feet in several different scenes, but there was a really happening blues scene here with Robert Cray, Henry Vestine of Canned Heat and Curtis Salgado (Mr. Blues Brother himself), and world class talent coming into Taylors every night, not to mention the Blues festival they used to have here on campus. I saw: Gatemouth Brown, Albert King, Albert Collins and countless others who came through this one horse, blues obsessed town.

The Blues scene was small but passionate. But I think what touches me the most in retrospect were the kind of minor players who were nonetheless freaking fantastic and for one reason or another never got the notoriety. Most of these guys were purists, some wanted to take the music to a different place, but they all loved that moment of playing, that bluesy moment of release and triumph. These guys lived in squalor, in 1 room crash pads, in order to be able to do what they did, while their friends and relations went off to sell insurance, program computers, and generally take a shot at what they felt was the American dream. Unfortunately, this country does not value its cultural heritage, (its real dream) and mostly isn’t even aware of its glorious history or the lives of their soulful poets. These poor bastards mostly go to their deaths unknown. Many I was fortunate to call my friends. So I wrote a little song for them.

When it was time to do a video, my wife Yvette came up with an idea with yet another angle that I hadn’t touched on in the song. How dedication to the life of an artist affects his or her family. Being a writer is a solitary job that never ends and steals away time from the people that you love. The muse often strikes at 4am when you sneak out of bed into the bathroom to sing a few sleepy lines into a recorder. You are gone for weeks on end while your family misses you, and they have to have trust and faith in what you are doing as well, and sometimes that is very hard. It’s a Sisyphean struggle often with more downs than ups. We wanted to show that tension between being a member of a band and the family, and ultimately the love and understanding that needs to be there for anything at all triumphant to get played. 

Anyhow, that’s it! We are excited to try and get more people to understand and hopefully enjoy what we are doing so that we can continue to make records. Sometimes our records are inspired by our great cultural ancestors, sometimes not. If you like what we do help us spread the word: Give us a like, give us some views on our YouTube channel (when we get it really cranked up), go to our website and order our CD’s (its just me sending it to just you, no corporations involved), get your friends to reserve judgment and actually listen to us… all that will help a brother out. There is so much more music left to be written J.

Full List of Tour Dates

Sat, June 29 - Reserve Casino & Hotel - 321 Gregory St / Central City, CO 80427 - 2 Shows
Fri, July 19 - Rock Napa at Charles Krug Winery - 2800 Main St / St. Helena, CA 94574 - Tickets
Sat, July 20 - Summer Basin Sounds Fest - 30 C St Northwest / Ephrata, WA 98823  - More Info
Sat, Aug 24 - Palatine St Fest - 35 N. Brockway St / Downtown Palatine, IL 60067 - Free - More Info

* New Website Launched!
* White Teeth, Black Thoughts PRE-ORDER NOW!
* Full List of Tour Dates

New Website Launched!

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Cherry Poppin' Daddies website! Click here to check it out! This new site is interactive, informative and up-to-date! Here are some cool new features: all of the lyrics to every CPD album are available here, help support the band by printing out your own show specific flyers here, and you can get a special Thank You EP for new signups on the email list!

White Teeth, Black Thoughts PRE-ORDER NOW!

The long awaited new album is FINALLY ready to be pre-ordered.  Get your autographed version directly from the band.  There is a standard album, a deluxe 2 CD version with a ton of bonus material AND even a vinyl version of the album - all autographed by Steve Perry!  There's a new White Teeth, Black Thoughts t-shirt as well and a bunch of cool bundles where you can save some dough.  Place your orders - HERE.

Full List of Tour Dates

We're happy to announce a few of the band's summer shows! This summer, the Daddies will be heading to Central City, CO to play two shows at the Reserve Casino & Hotel.  They will also be playing at the Summer Basin Sounds Festival in Ephrata, WA (note the festival website is not up to date but they will be playing!) and the Palatine Street Festival in Palatine, IL! Check out more info for these shows below.  There will be more summer dates coming and we'll let you know about them as they firm up.

Sat, June 29 - Reserve Casino & Hotel - 321 Gregory Street / Central City, CO 80427 - 2 Shows

Sat, July 20 - Summer Basin Sounds Festival - 30 C Street Northwest / Ephrata, WA 98823  - More Info

Sat, Aug 24 - Palatine Street Festival - 35 N. Brockway Street / Downtown Palatine, IL 60067 - Free Event - More Info

* The Daddies are Coming to the North East
* PledgeMusic Reminder
* Full List of Tour Dates

* The Daddies are Coming to the North East

Hi Everybody,

We are excited to be hitting the North East again including a stop in New York City (check out the full date info below).  It's been a while, but we come back with a new record in the can and a bunch of interesting ideas on the front burner.  It's time to come on down and see us, if you haven't ever or if it's been a few years.  We are traveling with a trombone so the brass should be extra girthy.  See ya there.


Thurs, Jan 10 - Asbury Park VFW - 9:00pm - All Ages - TIX
701 Lake Avenue / Asbury Park, NJ

Fri, Jan 11 - Joe's Pub - 11:30pm - TIX
425 Lafayette Street / New York, NY 10003

Sun, Jan 13 - Bull Run Restaurant - 7:00pm - All Ages - TIX
215 Great Road / Shirley, MA 01464

* PledgeMusic Reminder

The PledgeMusic campaign is still open if anyone feels like getting in on the record before we release to the universe.  You can get your copy of White Teeth, Black Thoughts before anyone else...with a cool ass T-shirt to boot.


Full List of Tour Dates

Fri, Dec 28 - W.O.W Hall - Eugene, OR - w/Medium Troy - All Ages - TIX
Sat, Dec 29 - The Wild Buffalo - Bellingham, WA - w/The Love Lights - 21+ - TIX
Mon, Dec 31 - Prairie Band Casino - Mayetta, KS - 21+
Thurs, Jan 10 - Asbury Park VFW - Asbury Park, NJ - All Ages - TIX
Fri, Jan 11 - Joe's Pub - New York, NY - TIX
Sat Jan 12 - Tupelo Music Hall - Londonderry, NH - TIX
Sun, Jan 13 - Bull Run Restaurant - Shirley, MA - All Ages - TIX

* The Daddies Announce Shows In Seattle And Portland
* PledgeMusic Reminder
* Full List of Tour Dates

* The Daddies Announce Shows In Seattle And Portland

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new shows! On November 30, The Cherry Poppin' Daddies will be playing with special guest The Jilly Rizzo at Tractor Tavern in Seattle and on December 1 at Dante's in Portland.  Tickets are available now so get yours before they're sold out!

Fri, Nov 30 - Tractor Tavern - w/The Jilly Rizzo - 8:00pm - 21+ - TIX
5213 Ballard Ave NW / Seattle, WA 98107

Sat, Dec 1 - Dante's - 8:00pm - 21+ - TIX
350 W Burnside St. / Portland, OR 97204

* PledgeMusic Reminder

It's not too late to pledge!  Join the Daddies in releasing their new studio album.  Contributing gets you great perks like first access to the music, exclusive videos, photos and more!  Make sure to check out their campaign and pledge today!

Full List of Tour Dates

Thu, Nov 1 - The Tempo Hotel
388 Brunswick St. / Fortitude Valley / Brisbane, Australia

Fri, Nov 2 - The Factory Theater - 8:00pm - TIX
105 Victoria Rd. / Sydney, Australia

Sat, Nov 3 - The Vanguard - 8:00pm
42 King St. / Newtown, Australia

Sun, Nov 4 - The Governor Hindmarsh - 7:30pm - TIX
59 Port Rd. / Adelaide, Australia 

Mon, Nov 5 - The Corner Hotel - 8:00pm - TIX
57 Swan St. / Melbourne, Australia

Fri, Nov 30 - Tractor Tavern - w/The Jilly Rizzo - 8:00pm - 21+ - TIX
5213 Ballard Ave NW / Seattle, WA 98107

Sat, Dec 1 - Dante's - 8:00pm - 21+ - TIX
350 W Burnside St. / Portland, OR 97209

Mon, Dec 31 - Prarie Band Casino - 10:00pm
12305 150th Rd. / Mayetta, KS 66509

* The Daddies Launch Pledge Campaign for New Album!
* Two New Cali Tour Dates
* Full List of Tour Dates

* The Daddies Launch Pledge Campaign for New Album!

We've been hinting about this for a while now but today is the day!  Today you can help make the next Cherry Poppin' Daddies album, White Teeth Black Thoughts, a reality via the band's brand new Pledge Music funding campaign.  Have you ever wanted to get an inside look at the process of making a new album?  Of what it's like to work at a record label?  Now is your chance.  Pledge to support The Daddies effort and you'll get frequent updates on the progress of the album, and so much more.  Take a look at this video that Steve Perry did to explain a little about the Pledge campaign.  Your Pledge also gets you great things that the general public won't have access to!  Check out the full offering of things you can get by clicking here but below is a short list of Pledges you can make.  Please spread the word far and wide about the Pledge Music campaign  and help the band make this project the best it can possibly be.

Partial List of Pledge Offerings- See Full List Here

$10 - Download of White Teeth, Black Thoughts (WTBT).

$20+ - Download & Physical pre-release with a Digital Booklet.

$30+ - Signed Double Disc Deluxe Physical Copy of WTBT & Digital Download before release.  Buttons, Stickers and Patches.

$50+ - Special Edition T-shirt, & Digital Download and standard physical version of WTBT before release. Buttons, Stickers and Patches.

$100+ - Signed Double Disc Deluxe Physical WTBT, Special Edition Autographed T-shirt & Digital Download of WTBT before release. Buttons, Stickers and Patches. PLUS a digital download of two CPD albums of your choosing. 

*Two New Cali Tour Dates

We also have two new summer dates to announce today!  On August 16, the Cherry Poppin' Daddies will be playing at Yoshi's in San Francisco and on August 17 at The Catalyst in the Atrium in Santa Cruz.  Tickets are available NOW via pre-sale on the Cherry Poppin' Daddies NEW Fan Ticketing Site (CPDFTS) - via the CPDFTS you'll get access to lower service fee tickets, random contests and special fan offerings that other public ticket purchasers won't get!  Buy your tickets today before they sell out!

Thurs, Aug 16 - Yoshi's - 7:30pm - TIX
1330 Fillmore St. / San Francisco, CA 94115

Fri, Aug 17 - The Catalyst in the Atrium - 10:00pm - TIX
1011 Pacific Avenue / Santa Cruz, CA 95060

*Full List of Tour Dates

Thurs, June 21 - The Coach House - 7:30pm - TIX
33157 Camino Capistrano / San Jaun Capistrano, CA 92675

Fri, June 22 - Wiens Family Cellars - 7:00pm - TIX 
35055 Via Del Ponte / Temecula, CA 92592

Sat, July 21 - Salem Art Fair & Festival - Bush's Pasture Park -7:00pm - Free Event
600 Mission St SE / Salem, OR 97302

Fri, July 27 - Oregon Brewer's Festival - 6:00pm - Free Event
5019 SW Lowell St. / Portland, OR 97221

Fri, Aug 3 - Mirkwood Cafe - 9:30pm 
117 E Division St / Arlington, WA 98223

Sat, Aug 4 - Anacortes Summer Concerts - Seafarers Memorial Park - 8:00pm - TIX
Seafarers Way / Anacortes, WA 98221

Thurs, Aug 16 - Yoshi's - 7:30pm - TIX
1330 Fillmore St. / San Francisco, CA 94115

Fri - Aug 17 - The Catalyst in the Atrium - 10:00pm - TIX
1011 Pacific Avenue / Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Sat, Aug 18 - Uptown Theatre Napa - 6:30pm - TIX
1350 Third St. / Napa, CA 94559

Sat, Sept 1 - On The Waterfront - Leftbank Stage Downtown - 10:15pm - TIX
308 W. State St / Rockford, IL 61101