Here is a little vid we shot for “Switchin to Glide”! It's a shout out to our fans in Canada. The Kings are a great band from Ontario and I liked their record in the early 80's when I was in high school in upstate NY, so the Daddies (sans horns) learned it as a tribute at rehearsal and banged it out a while back. Watch the “Switchin’ to Glide” video below.

Check out Cherry Poppin' Daddies new cover of “Switchin’ to Glide” by the legendary Canuck Power Pop band, The Kings! Stream or download the song here.

From Steve - “We were just screwing around with the song in rehearsal and decided to record it way back when. I’ve been working on poppier stuff in my mad scientist laboratory lately, so this kind of gives you a little window into the mood that a few of my current originals are messing with. There is a lot of variety though. I can’t wait to record some stuff for you to hear!”


Hi Pop Music Retronauts! Today we are releasing the video for a little glitter glam number called Platform Shoes. We managed to shoot it just before Covid-19 hit, and we expect that you will fierce walk up and stomp down your living room during your social distancing. When this whole thing is over CPD fully intends to usher in a new era of high-heeled, party foo fabulousness. Please stream the single on Apple Music or Spotify or go buy it on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play and watch the video below. 


Cherry Poppin' Daddies latest single “Platform Shoes” is available NOW! Stream/download here:

From Steve - “As this Covid-19 pandemic spreads and forces us, for the health of our fellow citizens, to isolate from each other, it’s important to reach out in any way we can. The Daddies will try to keep releasing music and videos through this all to keep your spirits up. Music, art and dance are here for you through it all, so take advantage of this down time to explore and reacquaint yourself with this vital human world. Try to remember that keeping real life social contact down is a heroic gesture that those of us with compromised immune systems really appreciate! 

Today we release “Platform Shoes”. Some of you already have heard this one, but most of the world has not. This is a continuance of the glitter/ glam vibe we experimented with in “Faux Nice, Mock Fancy”. “Platform Shoes” is kind of a melange of retro influences, but foremost among them is kind of an American Weimar meets early Roxy Music. I get pleasure and am drawn to things that give me the creeps in a good way. As a writer exploring what gives me the willies is one version of creative “fun”. And once again (like in Zoot Suit Riot) I am writing about clothing that exaggerates and warps the human figure and proportions. This seems interesting to me. I also like the bubblegum, disposable, throwaway nature of Glitter Rock, like an issue of Tiger Beat from the 70s that you find in the trash that outlines a world you can barely understand the rules of. I enjoy looking through a telescope backwards in time as a way to communicate inarticulate aspects of my current spirit to you. “Platform Shoes”...”


Daddies, I am thrilled to present the video for “Faux Nice, Mock Fancy”! I put it together with some B roll that I had laying around from back in the day. I hope you like the new song and appreciate our fancy flair. Watch the video here: 

We’re excited to release “Faux Nice, Mock Fancy” today to stream and download! Our plan is to release a bunch of material that I have just finished or that hasn’t gotten widely heard in single form throughout 2020 while I start work on new material. Give it a listen here:

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